We close art accessibility gaps across communities nationwide by combating financial and resource inequities for rising artists while providing them with opportunities to learn and apply art skills in the context of the social movements around us. Our network facilitates collaboration across city-wide art hubs and institutions of education to support rising artists and activists to rise against inequality.


One day the arts industry will contain a diverse palette of talent from across the globe and the words starving artist will not exist. Pictures say a thousand words and spark infinite actions. Act now. Create up.


Yifei Gao

CEO / Founder

Yifei is a third year at Emory University studying Economics and Psychology/Linguistics. She hopes to use her expertise to increase diversity and decrease inequality in the arts industry. She is passionate about combating inequality through innovation and opening lines of dialogue. 

Mariam El Awad

COO / Social Impact Director

Mariam is a first-year student at Mass Art double majoring in art history and printmaking. Through Art for Heart, she aims to uplift underprivileged artists by further diversifying the professional art field. She is a first-generation immigrant who comes from a Palestinian-Lebanese family. She is very passionate about social justice, politics, and literature.

Jason Jin

CFO / Outreach Director

Jason is a second year at Emory University, studying business with a finance concentration. He is from Sanford, Florida. His favorite hobbies include dancing (@EmoryTNT) on campus, yoga, and going on spontaneous adventures with friends. His favorite art style is tattoo art. 

Dany Hernandez

CCO / Creations Director

Dany is a third year at Emory University studying marketing and entrepreneurship. He immigrated from Cuba to the United States at the age of 5, and currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he enjoys spending time with family and doing graphic design. He developed a passion for communications and story-telling, specifically in creative expression. He loves design and expressing himself artistically.

Zachary Ziegler

CMO / Marketing Director

Zack Ziegler is a fourth year marketing major at Georgia College & State University. He is an Eagle Scout, passionate runner, and avid camper. He enjoys nature, sports, and good friends.


Kelyu Yu 

Julia Macri 

Tezzerah McLean 

Kristy Park 

Ali Ayoub Korchi 

Andrea Almada 

Rishika Shah 

Sheera Bhavimane