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Donate to Our Cause

Art for Heart uses activism at its core to drive diversity changes within the visual arts industry. We have been hosting markets at universities within Atlanta and local community businesses. We hope to continue our services to decrease the diversity gap between aspiring artists and the industry itself through committing ourselves to education and providing financial resources. Click below to donate to our mission. 

Oil Painting on Canvas

Our Actions

Through research, we have noticed a gap in skill and technical knowhow of navigating the visual arts industry post graduation for diverse students. We hope to bridge that gap in three main ways: 

1) Promote and elevate student work through a "make nothing, owe nothing" model in art markets within the community so that new styles and products can be tested before they go to market. 

2) Establish the concept of "art busking" so that visual artists can derive income from more than just one source. 

3) Foster under-represented artists through an incubator series to explore new realms of artistic innovation that is concurrent with technology and raise investors interest to propel their careers in the visual arts space. 

Through these actions described above, it is our belief that we will see a more equitable future for a younger generation who wish to be professional artists with their personal brand. 

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