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Experience Creation

Creation is a performance. The Art for Heart Gala invites the audience to sip on some wine, listen to live music, network, and watch student artists live paint their work.

The Gala culminates in an auction for all of the student artists present. Meant to be an exploration of how artists go about the creation process, we provide a platform for student artists to both showcase and auction off their work.

Art is not just a product, it is an experience. 

Create with Pride

Create with Pride is Art for Heart’s Winter Gala in Atlanta, GA. 35 student artists seeking to further their careers as professional artists will present their skills of creation live in Art for Heart’s working space: the Hatchery at Emory Point. Admission for the gala include live music, drinks and snacks, and networking with top professionals in the artistic industry. If you are looking to better understand the industry, this is the place to do it. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an LGBTQ-IA+ organization in Atlanta and to the rising artists who are participating in the event. Freebies will also be given. Come for an educational and fun time!


December 16, 2022 | 5:00 P.M. EST

The Hatchery
1578 Avenue Pl #200
Atlanta, GA 30329


Live painting will occur throughout the event until 7:40 PM EST. The auction will begin at 8:00 PM EST. Snacks and Drinks will be available throughout the event and will end at the beginning of the auction.

Artist Application

Our Gala event is our biggest fundraising event and our most selective; we will select 35 applicants out of our 300+ artist pool to participate. This is a great opportunity for selected artists to perform in front of gallery recruiters and other art industry leaders and establish important connections in the field. Here's how to apply:


Make sure you are a Registered Artist with Art for Heart. A registered artist has full complimentary access to all of our events, market recruitment cycles, and training sessions. Registration is linked below. If you already have done that step, move onto step two.


Fill out the Gala Artist Registration Form. You will receive an email from regarding results of the application within 1 month from the application release date (October) which is the standard application decision timeline. We try our best to invite a representative group of the rising artists in the region each year.


If you are selected to be in the Gala, Art for Heart Support will reach out for a Training Session two weeks before the event detailing the itinerary of the day and the auction process. Please email if you have any additional questions about the process.

Artist Application

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