We are seeking organizations/individuals who donate to Art for Heart and want to continue contributing to our mission.


Must respond to communications from the Art for Heart Board and other relevant parties promptly.

Provide updates to the Corporate Director for Art for Heart documentation and donation processes.


Access to select Art for Heart materials and communication platforms.

Ability to nominate members to the Art for Heart National Board.

Opportunity for highlighting the impact generated on the Art for Heart website.

Inclusion in Art for Heart monthly magazines during the month of donation.


The Hatchery at Emory University

The Hatchery was conceived with students at the center—a place that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, networking, and problem solving. They encourage students to tackle challenges outside of their coursework through experiential learning.

Center for Creativity & Arts

The Center for Creativity & Arts offers grants to Emory undergraduate students, faculty, and staff to pursue creative scholarship and artistic projects that are original in nature. Applicants are encouraged to use the grants as opportunities to experiment and cultivate new forms of artistic work.

Emory Career Center

Supported by the Emory Career Center, the Siperstein Challenge is a team entrepreneur challenge where students present creative business ideas for the chance to win up to $2000.

OSI Sustainability Initiatives

At its core, sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the opportunities of tomorrow. At Emory University, we believe in the potential of every member of our community, and that's why we are strive to serve as a model of transformative practice and sustainable choices at every level.